Thursday, 21 April 2011

A whiter shade of pale

I have no nice photos for you today. Because while I expected a nice big sun in a clear blue sky, what I got when I left work was this uninspiring landscape:

Despite the terrible set-back that this weather entailed, I bravely jogged home in my VFF. I'm not sure how I managed. I've been feeding on sunshine the last couple of weeks, but today I had to go without and starve. My only consolation for my malnutrition was that my chalk-white legs, which I now proudly displayed for the world to see, no longer were whiter than a milk-dissolved albino aspirin. Thanks to the past few days' reckless exposure to sunshine, my calves are now not only well-trained; they are a lovely shade of pink.

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  1. om vaderna var rosa kanske de uppskattade en dag utan så mycket sol.. :P