Friday, 8 April 2011

My VFFs are magical

My VFFs are made of fairy dust and angel feathers. There's no other explanation why, as soon as I switched to them from my old Sauconys during today's run, my feet felt lighter, my breathing easier, my step shorter.

3,5 km of a total of 5,5 km were run in VFFs, a small part of those on a muddy forest trail covered in roots and stones. A small but significant part. My favourite part.

Tomorrow, some of my brave running buddies are running from Varberg to Gothenburg, a distance of almost 90 km. My cunning plan is to join them for a half marathon when they've already run about 60 of them and they're tired, so that I look good by comparison. I might even be the fastest one in the group for once. Or at least if I have a headstart of about 10 minutes. I will definitely be the most feminine one. I will be the only woman in the group.

These people have such amazing stories to tell, such unbelievable running feats to brag about – though they never brag. It is always so inspiring to run with them and hear these stories. Hopefully one day I will be strong enough to join them for a real ultra.

But the question on everyone's lips is: seeing as the weather is going to be lovely tomorrow, should I wear my shorter tights for the run?


  1. Need to know more about the VFF's! What's the furthest distance you can run in them? Am reading 'Born to run' at the moment and it talks quite a bit about the VFFs (and barefoot ted). Highly recommend it if you haven't read it before - really inspiring (and tempts me to try ultra running)

  2. Born to run is awesome! There's no limit to how far you can run in them, as far as I know, if you're well trained. But you do have to start slowly and build up your foot strength. I've run 5 km at the most in my VFF but I was a bit too eager and it hurt.
    Have a look at this entry I wrote a month ago: