Thursday, 28 April 2011

When running doesn't cut it

Can being in a bad mood infect your training? Running usually equals therapy for me. Through running, I let go of my problems, even if it's just for a short while. Sometimes I do think of my problems while I run, but they are put in a different perspective. I get some distance from them and I am able to analyse them objectively, dispassionately. Running is great for solving problems.

Today, though, everything was upside down. I had things on my mind that grew completely out of proportion and obliterated any joy I might otherwise have felt when I ran to work or, later, home. I was tired, which only made it worse. I couldn't get a nice flow, I couldn't get into that meditative state that I find so beneficial. Instead, it felt like my arms were holding the strings to my legs and were forcing them to move jerkily forward. It wasn't pretty.

In fact, it does feel like I have an infection in my body. One that makes my pulse high, one that tires me out, one that sucks out all my energy. This frustration and anger I feel because I can't solve this particular problem that's been bugging me for a year now, no matter how many hours I spend in ”therapy”, is like a virus that won't go away. And I'm sick and tired of trying to self medicate.


  1. Hoppas att det bara är lite vårtrötthet som spökar. Även om man inte är allergisk kan alla partiklar i luften vara lite tröttande tycker jag mig märka...trevlig valborgshelg i solen!

  2. Det kanske är så. Pulsen har varit för hög i över en månad nu, även när det inte kändes jobbigt medan jag sprang.
    Ha en fantastisk helg! :)