Friday, 1 April 2011


I am on self-imposed exile from the world of running until Sunday and Göteborgsvarvets premiärbana. Partly because I want my legs to be well-rested for it, and partly because my pulse has been higher than usual this past week and I don't want any lingering infection to turn into sickness.

That's not to say that I'm lying on the sofa all day eating chips. I just completed a session of strength exercises, mostly for running-related muscles (I know, I said I was letting my legs rest. I lied). I will be cycling to work in a minute. And tomorrow I'm probably going climbing, for the first time in a month, if you exclude the technique lessons. Low-intensity activities both today and tomorrow, in other words.

What about swimming? I hear you ask curiously. Well, I bought some goggles, full of good intentions. And then I somehow failed to show up at the pool. I confess: I find indoor swimming excruciatingly boring. About as boring as running on the treadmill. About as much fun as sharing said treadmill with 20 other runners. And all my grand new year's resolutions about alternative training to prevent injury just went up in smoke.

It is Friday, people. The weekend is only hours away. Have a good one!


  1. Freaky Friday! See ya in 2 weeks! :D

  2. jag tycker oxå simning i badhus är tråkigt, men jag tror det tills tor del beror på att jag är rätt dålig på det. Kan endast simma "tantsim" dvs bröstsim och det går inte speciellt fort. men i höstas när dottern gick på simskola tog jag faktiskt med bikini och passade på att simma en halvtimme i veckan i stället för att sitta still och vänta (har aldrig varit bra på att sitt still) och det blev faktiskt både lite roligare och lite snabbare på slutet. det blir nog ändå aldrig en favorit..