Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Run commuting, part 4539583097

You can tell how happy I am about today's run just by reading the title.

Long day at work. Looong day. 11 hours long to be exact, which managed to suck out any energy I had painstakingly built up over the Easter weekend out of me. Somehow I thought that running home at the end of it would go well.

I suppose it went OK. I did run all the way home in my VFF after all, and apart from some tiredness in my right calf, I didn't experience any foot aches. My leg muscles were no longer sore, but they weren't that enthusiastic about helping me to climb up any steep inclines, either. It would be strange if they were, really, after the way I treated them yesterday. My pulse was high.

Tomorrow I have the day off. Cloudy with a chance of rain according to the Swedish Meteorological Institute. I should really go swimming – I bought the goggles and all, and I have only used 4 of the 10 times I pre-paid for. But...swimming indoors is just so...mind numbingly...BORING.