Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The path less travelled

Wednesday's run took place in the mist, in the forest, in the mud and on wet leaves.

I felt adventurous. After rounding the lake, I left the path and cut into the forest where a muddy trail would take me out of the woods. My pulse increased and my muscles tensed.

Forest, why so autumny in April?

Leaving the forest, I continued towards the bakery to get some fresh bread. Again, I felt like leaving the path well travelled and chose to run down a street I'd never been before. I was glad I did. It was very pretty.

I knew approximately where I was, but not if I was running in the right direction. I ran almost randomly, hoping I'd end up where I wanted to. It wasn't by any means a grand adventure or a matter of life and death, but running ”uncharted” gave me a thrill.

As it turned out, I was running in the right direction. I bought some bread while the other patrons glanced at me sideways. They were probably wondering how long the run was that made me so hungry as to buy 3 loaves of bread.

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