Saturday, 10 September 2011

Western Sweden's toughest and steepest terrain race

My Trail Runner magazine finally arrived the other day, just in time to give me the final push I needed to get off my arse and make a decision. It was so full of inspirational trail photos and stories that I couldn't resist entering Risveden Terräng any more. Besides, I need to quench my thirst for trail. My heart is aching for the mountains. Since there are no mountains around here, forest trails are the next best thing.

Having missed the deadline, I'll have to enter the race (and pay the higher price) once I get there, but right now I'm so excited about it that I wouldn't miss it for the world. The organizers are promising that the trail (that had apparently become not so much a trail as a small river after the last week's heavy rains) has dried up a bit. It is, of course, not mud free. But maybe I won't have to bring my swimming gear after all.

Apart from the prospect of finishing the race with mud up to my ears, other things to look forward to include 22 hills, one of which nicknamed ”the wall” (no climbing required. Or is there?) and amazing vistas over lakes and forests. Oh, and the route being 17,7 km long. It's not going to be easy; I have been too lax about my terrain training and there are definitely not enough hill kilometres in these old legs of mine. But what better way to get some trail running in than, you know, actually running trails?

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