Sunday, 4 September 2011


What do you do when your thigh muscles are so strained that you can't walk down the stairs? Why, you go for a run of course!

Gothenburg is enjoying what is probably the last day of summer, with 25 degrees and sunshine. How could I just stay home and rest? Besides, my logbook informed me that I was a mere 3 km away from having run 60 km this week. Good weather and a nice, even km total: excellent motivators to put on your VFF and head out for a recovery run.

I had to get out there before summer gives way to autumn

Surprisingly, it was easier than I thought. I even ran up a 300-metre hill without any lactic acid aggravating my thighs. The 60 km limit was crossed and I was happy. To top it all off, we went climbing afterwards, where I told J I'd take it easy. Sure. It's been months since it felt so easy climbing a 6B.

Yesterday's self-esteem killing session was replaced by two back-to-back successful ones, leaving me once again confident. No matter that my thighs hate me right now.


  1. Å nu blev de lite blött igen! ;) Har benen piggnat till?

  2. Nja, lite grann kanske...jag ska testa dem lite senare och se vad som händer! :)