Sunday, 25 September 2011

The things I do for love

...of running, that is.

10 VFF km run today, 5 of which in blinding pain. No, not from my thigh. Thigh was very complacent and seemingly very happy indeed. No, it was my poor foot.

VFF are usually very comfortable. They are like gloves, but for feet. They're not supposed to chafe. That's why I didn't know if it was my VFF or a little stone that had found its way into my shoes that was causing this burning sensation on the inside of my left foot.

I refused to stop and find out. I kept going through the pain, because I'm hardcore like that. When I got home and took my VFF off, I saw that it was the seam in the shoe (that had probably got twisted and ended up in the wrong way when I put the shoes on) that was the culprit. And that my foot looked like it had been mauled by rabid tigers. Ok, maybe not mauled. But scratched. And maybe not by tigers. But mice. Mice, definitely. Or tiny, tiny ants. Warning for strong images (and feet. Some people hate feet):

That hurt when I showered
 And sores are not the only thing I have to put up with. I also have to put up with having our hallway filled to the brim with running shoes and my closet with running clothes. It's chaos. To my ever increasing collection of shoes I added, apart from the new Kayanos, terrain shoes extraordinaire Inov 8 Talon 212. Because I'll be running a lot more terrain if I can help it, and because I like that they're minimalistic.

I'm the Imelda Marcos of running shoes.

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