Sunday, 11 September 2011

Determination or stupidity?

There's a blurry line between them. And I almost crossed it today. J and I had this brilliant idea to run Torrekullaleden today. Yep, the day after Risveden. It wouldn't have been a problem, as I didn't feel particularly tired this morning after the race, if it hadn't been for one tiny detail: that little muscle on the front side of my left leg.

It all started, I suspect, with my plantar fasciitis, which set off a string of minor complaints in my legs. Let me explain: to compensate for the PF pain in my left foot, I overused my right leg. This resulted in a complaint on the back side of the thigh. Then, to compensate for that complaint, and with my PF as good as gone, I leaned on my left leg for support, causing a strain in my left thigh muscle. It's just my theory, but I think it makes sense.

I'm not sure exactly when the left thigh muscle stopped liking running, but I think pushing on for 32 km last Saturday, even though my whole body just wanted to crawl into a ball and go to sleep, might have had something to do with it (again: determination or stupidity?). Running 17,7 km terrain yesterday didn't help. It certainly wouldn't help going out for another long terrain run today. So after 3 km of alternating running and walking, and just before we left the forest path for the Torrekulla trail, I threw in the towel, said goodbye and good luck to J and headed home.

A friend of mine once said: no one ever died of a little poison. Not of a little muscle complaint either. Right?

I've never had to give up on a run before. I've cut sessions short, I've taken it easy, changed my plans, but I've never abandoned a plan completely. But, although I was very disappointed (running this trail with J has been on the cards for ages), it was the right decision to make and I knew it. I jogged home pretty much on one leg, because it felt better than walking, and managed to add another 10 km to this week's total.

I don't think it's anything serious. It doesn't hurt; rather it feels like the muscle, or a tendon, is dislocated. Hard to explain, but it just feels uncomfortable. I'm resting both tomorrow and on Tuesday, and see how it goes from there.

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