Thursday, 24 January 2013

Sore muscles from hell

Now I've really gone and done it. What was comatose, unresponsive leg muscles after the lunges I did yesterday morning turned into two cranky old tree trunks after my 11km run with the club last night, and they refused to bend even the slightest without cramping up. It makes going to the loo painful. It makes going anywhere painful. I might have to start peeing in a bottle and train the cats to make me scrambled eggs.

Here's a word of advice for my readers: Using super-heavy weights as a shortcut to super-human strength will only turn you into a cripple. You've been warned.

Suitable activity for when your muscles are sore, as demonstrated by Tidus

So now I stumble around the flat like a zombie. My arms are stretched forward to balance out my butt. My butt is sticking out backwards so as to put as little weight as possible on my long-suffering thighs. I take small, gentle steps on my toes so as to not jar my muscles. I would be lying if I said that this sensation is wholly unwelcome. After spending months working on the machines and feeling nothing, now I'm actually getting something for the work I put in. Granted, pain is what I'm getting for it, but it's still something.

There is a downside, of course (what, you mean the pain isn't the downside?). I wanted to go skiing this afternoon. My ski lesson last Monday went really well and I conquered some endless slopes that used to terrify me. But new-found confidence has an expiration date, and if I wait too long before I go skiing again I might find myself frozen with fear on top of a hill again. So the revised plan is to play games watch series crap! surf the Internet dammit! WORK ON THE COMPUTER today, rest my body and go skiing tomorrow instead, when muscle soreness has hopefully moved on to plague some other poor, over-ambitious bugger.


  1. Hej....skriver på svenska... :) Tack för inlägget på min blogg. Vi bor mellan Lindome och Kungsbacka...så bilden är tagen 4 tjolahoppsanskutt från vår veranda. :)

    Hoppas helgen blir bra!

    Med vänlig hälsning,!

  2. On the plus side, once you've trained the cats to make scrambled eggs you can write a "how to" book and make a fortune :-)