Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Shaman's recipe for turning that frown upside down

Original recipe makes one serving

- Running, 17km
- Yoga for runners, 20 minutes
- A hot shower

1. Put on your shoes and run up to the local swimming hall to meet up with your running club for an hour of high-paced distance training, talking about everything under the sun. Throw in some snow flakes in the mix towards the end of the session for a fuller taste. Run home alone after the group session with music in your ears, singing along to Cornflake girl, and pick up your pace while running past weird guy talking to himself.

2. Once at home, play this video and follow the instructions:

3. When you feel nice and relaxed, all soft and stretched in your running muscles, jump into the shower, turn to ”hot” and stay there long enough to feel your eyes getting heavy and your thoughts drifting to your warm bed.

Tips: If you're not smiling at this point, you're probably just too tired. But trust me, inside you'll be smiling. Because this is comfort food for your soul.

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