Friday, 7 December 2012

The day I thought would never end

Finally. After spending the whole morning and most of the afternoon jumping through hoops of varying difficulty at an interview for a job I'm not even sure is right for me, it's finally Friday evening and the weekend can begin.

The day started off great. I was going to leave home at 07.45 and leisurely walk to town to my interview. I usually get up at 6, because that is when J's alarm goes off. So I thought I'd have plenty of time this morning to eat a fortifying breakfast, drink some coffee, gather my thoughts and rehearse my presentation. What happened instead was that J took the day off and thus had not set the alarm, I somehow missed that and didn't set my own alarm, overslept (lost in the coolest dream about a futuristic society), woke up at 07.30, threw on the first clothes I could find in a dark bedroom, set a new world record at eating breakfast (2 minutes 34 seconds, including washing it down with half a mug of coffee) and -to finish it all off- put on some mascara just so it would at least look like I made an effort.

Inexplicably I still got there 15 minutes early, having walked a bit more briskly than I had planned to, but still managed to stutter through my presentation and make mistakes that are most likely going to cost me the job. But as I sit here trying to relax after a very intense day, the only thing getting to me is how I may have spent the whole day sitting indoors for nothing. That it was a waste of time. And despite the fact that my body is pretty much dead from the waist down thanks to yesterday's S.P.Y.C.-training (Strength, Pilates, Yoga and Core combined in one session), all I want to do now is do something because sitting on my bum all day is making me lethargic. Never mind that I can't even walk to the kitchen.

I want out!

The good news, nay, great news is that it is finally over. It's out of my hands. I can now relax and focus on the other pressing matters in my life. Like all the photography course assignments I have to turn in before Christmas. Fun!


  1. ÅH grattis till att vara klar med fotokursen och well, att intervjun är över. Trist när saker inte blir som man vill, men man lär ju sig av allt.
    Jag håller tummar och tänker på dig <3

    1. Jag är inte riktigt klar än, men nästan :) Jag väntar fortfarande på ett svar ang de två tjänster som jag sökt, men den som väntar på något gott...?
      Tack snälla! <3