Tuesday, 18 December 2012

I am going to be a skier when I grow up

Last night a donkey found her way among a herd of unicorns. She glued a paper horn on her forehead and sneaked in among the gracious magical creatures, hoping that no one would notice that her legs were shorter, her mane was a dull grey and her eyes weren't sparkling. And there were definitely no rainbows coming out of her backside.

Fast, faster, fastest

Completely out of my element, I sank low on a chair among the 60-odd skiers gathered last night at the ski club. It was to be the first lesson of the ski school for adults I joined, albeit only a theory one this time, and the room was filled with those elegant people who can do amazing things, like stand on one leg, ski downhill without fear, and shoot a snot rocket without falling on their arses. Granted, there were other beginners in there, but I was the most beginner-y one of them all.

Despite not being in my natural habitat, a.k.a. in my running shoes and on the road, and despite the fact that new situations make me – like they do most people – nervous, I left the ski club eager to put on a pair of skis and hit the tracks. This little donkey will grow up to be a beautiful unicorn one day (as soon as my ski school has taught me everything I need to know). Just you wait and see. Until then, I'll be a unicorn when I'm running. A runicorn. HA!

In other news, cookies were baked yesterday despite the initial lack of energy. And they were good. Maybe it was the extra effort of visiting 5 different supermarkets before finding the rose water, maybe it was all the love I put into baking them, but they turned out better than they ever have. A little crumbly, just sweet enough, with the discreet taste of roses.

Tastes just like Christmas.


  1. Haha, åh - det var länge sedan jag stod på ett par skidor nu. Jag var duktig för si sådär 20-25 år sedan. Antar att jag tappat formen en hel del... (Har alltså inte stått på ett par skidor sedan dess).
    Härligt med så mycket kompakt snö om man vill öva. Här är det slaskigt igen.

    1. Du skulle säkert få formen tillbaka direkt, måste ändå vara lite som att cykla?
      Tråkigt att det blev slaskigt, det ger verkligen ingenting :(

  2. Åh vilket ljuvligt blogginlägg!
    Nu är snön bortregnad i Gbg så du är på rätt plats!

    1. Tack snälla! Ja, jag hörde det, vad tråkigt! Men finns det konstsnö där nere som man kan öva på? I Skatås, typ?