Friday, 21 December 2012

Shaman:1 - Fear: 0

'Twas the day before the day before the day before Christmas, and blog readers all over the world found themselves busy buying Christmas presents, stocking up on Christmas booze, cooking Christmas food and generally living their lives out there in the real world. The Internet was slowly but surely going quiet. But when you have something to say, you shout it out even when the world can't hear you over the noise of a billion jaws munching on Christmas cookies.

World, I did it! I went skiing, and I skied down a short but steep slope, and the first time I fell but the second time I didn't. It was close. My left ski left the tracks and I was dangerously close to doing a split (which would have been terribly uncomfortable, as I am nowhere flexible enough to do a split). But I kept my cool, didn't panic, and calmly brought my left foot back into the track.

In my head, I looked really awesome and professional. In reality, there was probably a lot of flailing arms, screaming like a baby and pondering the existence of an afterlife. Still, it was a little triumph that did wonders for my self-esteem. 

My right calf has been inexplicably tense the last few days, even hurting a little yesterday when I went out for a walk, so I've been massaging it like crazy. Hopefully it will be fine tomorrow, in time for an easy run with AIK. No more injuries now, please!

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