Monday, 31 October 2011

Zombies! (because it's Halloween)

Sometimes it's really hard to know when to take an extra rest day. Maybe your training schedule says you should, but your body feels light and bursting with energy. Maybe you go for a run anyway. You might even feel great afterwards, and be pleased that you managed a bonus session.

And then, sometimes, it's really easy to know when to take an extra rest day. Say, if you've only had 6 hours of sleep. And then sat in meetings all day, drinking buckets of coffee to keep awake. And felt hungover, although you haven't had a drop of alcohol. When your body might be bursting with energy, but your head is bursting with a junk food induced headache.

Photo by This is Awkward
I don't think it's very healthy to pour caffeine down your throat when what your body really needs is sleep. It's an artificial and unnatural way to keep going, a potent elixir to bring you back from the land of the dead. A spark of electricity to give life to Frankenstein's monster. When all this monster should do is rest.

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