Friday, 21 October 2011

Out and about before sunrise

Frost on the ground and broken street lamps turned the pavement into an upside-down sky where a million bright stars were scattered. I was wearing my reflective vest and from my backpack hung a light. Still, I wished I had taken my head lamp with me.

I took the long way into work this morning, leaving home early enough to allow for an easy, slow jog there. No stress. Just floating in the darkness, amazed at how augmented the distant traffic sounds were by the absence of optical references. And at how much traffic there was so early in the morning. Why don't people cycle? Or take the bus? Or, I don't know, run? Then maybe we would get to listen to a different, more natural soundtrack on our way to work in the morning.

1 comment:

  1. Har du provat att jogga m pannlampa! Jag tycker det är helt magiskt! Särskilt i skogen! Gärna när det är snö!

    Sv: Det är tydligen helt normalt att det svullna blåa ramlar ner från ett opererat knä ner i smalben och fot. Men snyggt är det inte. Färgad svullnad gör sig liksom bäst under bandage haha!

    Trevlig helg!