Thursday, 27 October 2011

Glorious, magnificent autumn

On one of those rare sunny autumn days in Gothenburg, I skipped the repetitive run home from work and went for a VFF run in the woods instead. 

Apart from the hordes of pensioners roaming the paths around the lake, causing me to wonder if I took a wrong turn somewhere and ended up in Florida, I was alone with my thoughts and the sound of crunchy leaves beneath my feet. The sun was already quite low on the horizon, although the time was only 3 in the afternoon. It cast a warm light on trees and water, transforming the world into a sphere of comforting serenity.

I didn't really feel like leaving the woods, so I ran an extra round, bringing the total up to 10 km. I was filled to the brim with energy afterwards. I had gotten my dose of vitamin D and endorphins. I loved everything and everyone (even those couples taking up the whole path and talking loudly, disrupting my meditation). Running was followed by some strength exercises, inspired by last night's interesting lecture on the importance of prehab.

Days like this I feel I could take on the world.


  1. Runs like that are perfect :)
    Glad you enjoyed it

  2. Göteborg visar verkligen upp sig från sin allra vackraste sida den här hösten.

    Sv: jag tycker att Casall har bra Yoga-DVD. Jag körde länge med deras morgon-yoga. Hon med det långa lockiga håret...
    Annars har du ju förmånen att bo i Gbg där Josef finns. Hans kurser på Chapmans Torg är OUTSTANDING! Ett bra sätt att lära sig Ashtanga-serien så man kan yoga där man är när man vill! Rekommenderas varmt!