Saturday, 15 October 2011


I blame the full moon. I mean, look what it does to werewolves.

I've been tired pretty much all week. Despite this fact, I optimistically planned for a traditional Saturday long run. However, both J and I woke up early this morning, took a look at the frozen world outside the window and decided to go for a walk. I figured I could run afterwards so I put my running clothes on and we headed out to the lake.

The air was so crispy that every intake of breath was a joy. The first light had just illuminated the horizon. Autumn can be so beautiful when the sky is clear and there is no wind. The sun had just appeared behind the trees when we reached the lake, starting to warm up the forest. A thin layer of mist hung above the calm lake water.

After we rounded the lake, I was reluctant to leave the forest. Although my muscle seems to prefer even surfaces that only tarmac and city environment can offer, I still chose to run in the woods. I paid for it with exhaustion. The first 3-4 kilometres after I left J went well, but then my strength seemed to leave my body, my legs felt heavy and I ran awkwardly. Stubborn as I am, I still managed to plod all the way home, adding a total of 10 km in the cookie jar.

Tomorrow will be a rest day. Promise.


  1. Vilka magiska bilder! Tack för att du delar!

  2. håller med ovanstående - underbara bilder!

    Vill du skratta lite mer så har jag lagat kyckling nu också... :D