Monday, 21 April 2014

Nothing is impossible

Nothing in life is certain, except death, taxes, and that I will get injured and/or sick if I decide to enter a race.

A mild case of the cold established itself within my right nostril last Saturday and is currently running amok inside my head. Because of course it would. I was finally supposed to be running my first ”Around the bridges” race for the year tomorrow, what did you expect?

Yes, it could happen that I wake up completely healthy tomorrow. It could happen. Just like it could happen that a stranger stops me while I'm walking down the street and just hands me over ten million crowns, no questions asked, or that my cats suddenly get up from their mid-morning siesta and start singing a moving a cappella rendition of the Peruvian national anthem (or is that "a cattella"?).

It could happen. The universe is a wondrous place, filled with mystery and miracles. Like the fact that intelligent life developed on this planet, or that there are actually people who camp outside stores the night before a big sale starts and then trample each other to death just so that they can buy a cheaper TV made by prepubescent slaves in some Asian country they've never even heard of.

I realise that these two miracle examples contradict each other. There is intelligent life on this planet, I promise. I saw it on my cheap TV once.

ANYWAY. It could happen. It's just not very likely.

Running at max speed while ill would naturally be catastrophically stupid and dangerous, so I will once again miss the race (last week I missed it because of work, if you recall), but I might show up anyway and plod around the course at snail pace just to get a whiff of that second-hand adrenalin.


  1. Jag bugar och tackar ödmjukt för morgonens bästa läsupplevelse och hoppas på en race report senare från hälsan själv
    Också här blir det broarna runt
    Jag har inte riktigt koll på hur långt det blir men hoppas på en skön distantur i avslappnat fototempo mellan 3-4 timmar i solen

    Ha en härlig dag

  2. Tack snälla ni för intresset! Det blev inget lopp, förkylningen blev sämre men nu är det bra och jag tänker springa broarna runt om en vecka :)