Thursday, 17 April 2014


I drove up to the arena through a deserted town, under a heavy black sky. The reason for the empty streets was hockey. The town's hockey team was playing in the finals and everyone was assumingly glued in front of their television sets.

When I arrived, ready for this season's last indoor training, the doors to the track were locked. The whole building was dark. It wasn't long before people started showing up, but in the end we were only a handful instead of the usual 15-20. I guess the others were watching the hockey game or were away for Easter.

Our coach had promised an easy session, and easy it was. We only ran drills: bum kicks, high knees, and much more. But the highlight of the session for me was running with our eyes closed. Trying to run in a straight line, we shut our eyes and listened to the signals our body was sending us. Were we leaning to one side? Did we strike the floor harder with one foot than with the other? Were we about to have a close encounter with the person next to us?

We ended the evening with a cup of coffee and some Easter sweets which our coach treated us to. My spirits were high, I had really enjoyed this session and gained some valuable insight into running technique, which is going to help me at my next race. But, as I drove home and the first drops of rain hit my windshield, I couldn't help feeling a little blue.

The Thursday indoor sessions were a new element in my training this last winter, the first time I incorporated a second quality session in my training week and the first time I trained on track. Although it was usually very tough training, I found myself looking forward to it every week. As much as I have longed for trail running, the outdoors, the forest, the dirt under my shoes, longed for it so much it aches, I am going to miss winter Thursdays. But there is a time for everything, and summer is for trail.


  1. Passande med skärtorsdag på skära banan
    Coolt och läskigt att springa m slutna ögon
    Kommer du ner till Gbgvarvet?

    1. Nej, jag tror inte att det blir flera Göteborgsvarv för min del. Jag har några andra lopp inplanerade, bl a Luleå stadsmara (som, namnet till trots, "bara" är en halvmara). Men du ska väl springa Varvet?