Friday, 11 April 2014

Desperately seeking trail

You know the feeling. Because you've been sick, you haven't been for a run in years (or at least it feels like it). The sun is shining for the first time since October, but you're stuck at work. When you finally get off work, the sun is gone. Thick clouds cover the sky and a chilly wind is set upon uprooting every single tree that's had the bad luck of growing on the wrong side of the river. The weather forecast threatens with snow. Finally. My first run in days. Yey! 


That was yesterday. My resting pulse had gone back to normal but I didn't dare run intervals with AIK just yet. I had a vague plan (while stuck at work, gazing longingly at the blue sky outside) that I was going to go for a long run in the evening, in the warm seven o'clock light. But as the weather took a turn for the worse, my motivation waned. The long run became 15 km. Then 10. Then just a quick run around the bridges and then home as quickly as possible so that I could see how high I could turn the shower dial before my skin fell off.

It was just as well. Already after a few steps I knew that I wasn't healthy enough to be running any long runs just yet. I had to keep a low pace. The wind was so strong that I felt like I was running in place. It was time to regroup and count my losses.

Today was a different issue. Despite the wind being just as strong as it was yesterday, I didn't feel demotivated at all when I laced my shoes after work. It probably had something to do with the sun being out and all. I left the house with the jacket on, I came back with it tied around my waist. For the first time this year. Hallelujah, spring is finally here!

Can you tell I was excited by how many pictures I took?

I chose to run down by the river, where I knew the ice had thawed. Of course, with spring and thaw comes mud and water puddles. I didn't care. I even took a detour to run on a soaking-wet grass field, just to be able to feel earth under my feet again. Asphalt has been so hard on my joints, not to mention on my trail-loving spirit. And with Vitberget still covered in ice, a girl can get desperate.

They were going to get dirty eventually anyway

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