Thursday, 7 February 2013

Recover-- *yawn* RECOVERY week

Have I mentioned that this is a recovery week for me? Turns out the lower mileage has made me apathetic and sluggish. So apathetic and sluggish that I have to remind myself to breathe once in a while in order not to pass out or suffer brain damage from oxygen deprivation. This apathy is rubbing off on my blog writing as well, where it manifests itself as an enormous lack of inspiration. 

Fed up of all the winter photos? Here's a summer one *drool*

Not that life has been patiently waiting for this recovery malarkey to be over and done with so that it can go on about its business. No; it has been going on about its business in the usual fashion. So there are things I could be writing about: dishes to do, cat poop to clean off the floor and – a job to interview for. Said interview went pretty well, judging from the fact that I got the job, and if my prospective boss and I agree on some details of...shall we say...monetary nature, I start at the end of the month. See? On a recovery week, I can't even muster up the enthusiasm to be happy about that. But you don't want to read about that! It's a training blog, right? (Never mind my Cannonball read posts. Some of the books I review are about running)

The recovery part of this recovery week is thankfully over. My shorter runs are behind me. A Friday 8 km run followed by a long run on Saturday has come to feel like the normal state of things, and anything less than that leaves me feeling drained of energy, and incomplete like a jigsaw puzzle that's missing a piece - or a joke without a punchline.


  1. ÅH vilken helt fantastisk inspiration! Verkligen summer drool! Jag längtar!
    Och du är grym. Jag lovar att uppdatera då jag kommer igång!

    1. Haha, tack snälla! Jag ser fram emot dina uppdateringar :D
      Förresten, jag får ett felmeddelande när jag försöker att kommentera på din blogg :(