Thursday, 14 February 2013

Blessing in disguise?

Hello illness my old friend
I've come to work with you again
Because a fever softly creeping
climbed high while I was coughing
And the fever that was planted in my head
Still torments
A runner filled with dreams

So it's been a while since I posted here, and I bet you're all wondering where I've been. I started working last Tuesday on a part time basis, which I will continue with until the end of the month when I start working full time. I've been feeling tired since Monday morning, but I just put it down to, I don't know, normal tiredness? Monday was a very intense day. So Monday's intervals, Tuesday's easy jog with J and last night's run were performed as if in slow motion, but I never felt ill. Just tired – and cold.

But then this morning I woke up and my throat hurt. I had chills but the thermometer claimed I didn't have a fever, so I went to work. I spent the whole day trying to concentrate (lots of new information to take in, so running a fever is probably not the best state to be in when you need your brain to work) but I kept getting distracted by the ghastly chicken skin I kept getting by the intermittent bouts of shivering. Still, I think I managed to not drop the ball or unintentionally cause bodily harm to others too many times.

After work, the walk home was about all I could manage. The thermometer admitted its earlier mistake and that I did, in fact, have a fever. Thankfully (?) I have the day off tomorrow so I won't have to miss work (I wouldn't miss miss it, per se) but I will be missing a lot of training. A blessing in disguise might be that my plantar fasciitis-like symptoms will have a chance to sort themselves out in the meantime. Always positive, me. Always finding a silver lining. Now I think I'm going to collapse on the sofa and get some sleep.

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