Sunday, 25 November 2012

Those Days

Dear Diary. I'm writing this under the influence. I've drunk half a glass of wine. A half-glass that I truly deserve, as it has been one of Those Days. Those Days when you put the food scale in the fridge instead of the cupboard. When your nose keeps running even though you keep telling it you're not sick any more. When the cat pees on the door mat, the last carpet or carpet-like thing left in the flat after he's peed everywhere else, including the sofa and the bed. Those Days warrant a glass of wine. If for no other reason than to forget that someone so adorable can be such an arse.

Cat shaming.

Those Days might include a lot of activities, like doing the laundry, doing the dishes (twice) and cooking, but one activity they definitely do not include are training. In fact, I haven't trained in five days. Who wouldn't take to drinking under the circumstances?

But I've decided that tomorrow is going to be one of those Other Days. Those Other Days when you wake up healthy, happy and full of energy. When you bike down to the gym to torture your core muscles and then run some intervals in the evening. When everything else goes well too, because when you get to train, Those Days don't come around so often.


  1. Trist, trist, trist att vara sjuk. :-(
    Du som bor så lång norrut MÅSTE verkligen äta extra D-vitamin. (jaja jag vet att jag tjatar men det ÄR viktigt)
    Krya på dig!

    1. Du tjatar absolut inte! Jag hade inte ens tänkt på det utan fokuserat mer på C-vitamin. Tack för påminnelsen! :)