Thursday, 22 November 2012

Mind power

No question about it. The mind is a beautiful thing, capable of giving us wonderful dreams, playing pranks on us, moving mountains for us and hiding things from us. It is a largely uncharted area. Full of mysteries. Full of dangers.

Knowing how strong the power of suggestion can be, I tried convincing myself that I wasn't really ill. I even went for a walk today, desperate for the light of day (however grey and weak it might be this time of year) after spending the whole morning studying. I even managed to convince myself that I felt better afterwards, and maybe I really did feel better, until a few hours later, when I had to cancel Friday's core session because I really didn't feel better at all.

Then I somehow developed amazing psychic skills, managing to convince Potential Employer no 1 to invite me to an interview just by sending out my super strong vibes to him/her. I then tried to repeat the feat with Potential Employer no 2 (a.k.a the Employer I Really, Really Want To Work For), staring at my phone, willing it to ring and checking my email 582438975 times to see if he'd chosen that route instead. But it was all in vain. My powers were all spent. The phone hasn't rung (yet. I'm staying positive here). And my throat still hurts.

The mind is truly a dangerous thing. Its synapses are the birthplace of denial, anger, sorrow. The fountain of psychosis, depression, phobias. The doctor Frankenstein to the monster under your bed. But it is also a marvellous thing, when it leads us to believe we can run further, jump higher, move that mountain. So I'll just keep staring at the phone, because I'm right for that job and that job is right for me, dammit, and if I concentrate hard enough, my vibes will reach Potential Employer no 2 and make him offer me the job on the spot.

Next stop: using my incredible psychic skills to guess the winning lottery numbers.


  1. Låter spännande med jobb!
    Jag borde börja fundera på jobb jag med. Eller - det gör jag - men på allvar.
    Känns lite läskigt. Jag har nog inte fattat att jag faktiskt har sagt upp mig. Och det är ju dessutom väldigt trevligt att vara hemma lite :)
    Jag håller så klart tummarna för dig!

    1. Visst är det roligt att vara hemma, särskilt om man har massor med projekt på gång :) Och det känns läskigt för mig också. När det har gått så många år sen man fick söka jobb....hur gör man, liksom?!
      Tack, tusen tack! Imorgon hoppas jag att de ringer :D