Sunday, 5 August 2012


Shouldn't having a month off mean that you return to work afterwards with your batteries charged, full of energy and new ideas, ready to take on another whole year of it? Because right now the prospect of going back to work tomorrow, even if it is for just one week before I go on my long leave to study, just makes me want to yawn, hide under the covers and hibernate until next July. When it's time to go on holiday again.

You'd think I'd be doing everything to take advantage of this day, but instead I've been moping around, upset that my computer seems to be on its last throes. The graphic card has given up the spirit and my hard disk can't be far behind. I've been maniacally backing up everything that is of any value, and J has been helping me set up another computer to get by until we can find a more permanent solution after the move. Seriously. You don't know how computer-dependant you are until it breaks down.

To top it all off, I managed to strain my shoulder while taking my frustration out on the plank. I had done some power yoga earlier, whereupon I re-confirmed my dislike for it. I've given yoga many chances now, still nothing. No sparks flew. It's like going out on a date with a guy your mom fixed you up with. He's probably good for you but he just doesn't get your pulse going. What the yoga did do was make sure my shoulders were all warmed up and exhausted in time for the plank. 

While in the side plank position with my feet balancing precariously on the sofa, I felt how my left shoulder twisted and ended up in a strange angle. Still supporting my weight, I glanced at the watch and saw that there were 20 seconds left to this particular exercise. A smart person would have given up. A smart person would know 20 seconds more are not worth risking an injury. A smart person wouldn't end up with an abused shoulder. I'm obviously very, very stupid. Or very, very dedicated to my cause. My cause being to attain a strong core and abused shoulders.

So, yeah. Crawling into bed and not reemerging until next summer seems like a great idea.


  1. Prova en annan yogaform! Jag har också verkligen försökt "älska" poweryoga & några andra sorter men näpp, Inte ens en liten pirrning i magen. Bikram är ok men tar på tok för mycket tid (och omöjligt göra hemma) men så träffade jag Kundalini...
    Kärlek! :-)

    1. Jag får testa! Jag tror att jag har testat Ashtanga utöver power yoga. Hoppas jag gillar Kundalini, det skulle säkert vara bra för min löpning också :)