Friday, 24 August 2012

The guide to successful procrastination

Take one boring thing that you have to do. Like the dishes.

Then take another thing that you have to do, that's even more boring than the first one. Like packing. By comparison, doing the dishes will seem more attractive.

Then don't bother with either one of them. Go out for a run instead.

Go, stop. Go, stop. Go, stop. This is what life is like right now. Pack a few things, then stop because you might need the rest of them. Go shopping for food, then stop and consider how much food you'll need for the few remaining days before the move. Be frantically busy for a couple of hours, then suddenly find yourself with nothing to do. I'm already a week ahead with my studies in photography and the courses don't even start until Monday.

Playing with Photoshop is a great way to pass the time. Not that this photo needed a lot of manipulation

Good thing running is so relaxing in its simplicity. Put shoes on, get out, run. Right foot, left foot. Breathe in, breathe out. Rinse and repeat. No need for time schedules, charts, lists and planning ahead.

It sounds like the most wonderful run in the world, right? It wasn't. My feet look like they've barely survived a war. The deep cuts on each foot are likely to leave a scar, but now I know how to protect them. Band-aid and toe socks reduce friction between my skin and the seams of my VFF. Tired, unresponsive legs that struggled to carry me around my usual forest round protested with every single step and didn't wake up until after 9 km, by which time I was almost home, exhausted and ready to enter a cryogenic sleep from which I didn't want to emerge until after the long trip North next Wednesday.


  1. Tungt! Löprundor och träningspass är sega ibland, och den allra tyngsta känslan infinner sig ju oftasta när huvudet är helt trött och slut.... Det är kanske inte så konstigt om din kropp reagerar som den gör just nu?
    Kämpa på! :) Det kommer att bli jättebra!

  2. Dansa. Pausa. Dansa. Pausa.

    Lycka till vid flytten! Ser fram emot dina inlägg från Västerbotten! :)