Monday, 30 July 2012


Resting from exercise, that is. With the exception of the plank challenge (week 7, day 1. Going strong). Because I haven't done so much resting otherwise.

I've packed some things. I've covered the holes in the wall with putty. I've mopped the floor (following the little accident one of our cats had in the living room at 6 this morning – who said you get to sleep in when you're on holiday?). Done the dishes. And I've baked.

Rosemary and sea salt focaccia was the result of my efforts. And a blister on my palm, because – who would have thought, right?- the tray is VERY F*!&ING HOT when it's just come out of the oven, especially if you expose any skin to it. Yes, really! I might have to finish that bottle of wine to forget the fact that even I, an otherwise wise creature, can sometimes make mistakes. Like sprinkling rosemary on the focaccia. I hate bloody rosemary. What's wrong with thyme and garlic? Feta cheese and olives? Sundried tomatoes and, well, feta cheese and olives?

Maybe the wine will take the edge off it.


  1. Bränd eller ej, det ser galet GOTT ut!
    Och visst är det härligt att kunna vila ("frivilligt") från träningen? :-)

    1. Nja, jag blir lätt rastlös om jag inte kan träna nånting (även om det "bara" är en promenad). Jag har för mycket energi ;) och så gillar jag strukturen som träningen ger mig. Men det är skönt att kunna använda energin till annat roligt också, såsom till att baka :)