Monday, 2 July 2012

Escape from Alcatraz

Being injured is kind of like being in prison. If you've been really bad, they put you in isolation. If you've been good, they let you out in the yard to move around a bit and feel the sun warmth on your face. But no matter how you cut it, you're still in a bloody prison.

So every time I take a tentative step in my running shoes, I might enjoy the temporary rush of adrenaline, but there's always the knowledge at the back of my mind that I'm surrounded by walls. The sense of freedom that running used to give me, the sense that I could just put on my running clothes, pick a point of the compass and run in that direction, eludes me these days. If I run too far, I get shot down. Game over.

It sounds dramatic, but I miss those days where I could put kilometre after kilometre behind me without having to worry about my body failing me. I went to the library to return some books and found myself jogging afterwards, apprehensively, tensely, listening the whole time for the warning shot that I had gone too far. I walked up the hills, run on flat ground, hated my insoles that are supposed to help me but only feel like foot traps.

I covered maybe 2 km running. It's hard to tell. I had neither Garmin or my phone with me to take the time with. Not once did my knee complain, yet now it's not speaking to me. It doesn't hurt. It's just cranky. Kind of stiff. But it's not worse than yesterday. I developed a theory that some of the positions in yoga are not good for my knee. I did yoga two days in a row (I know! Yoga! Me! Who would have thought) and, because bending the knee the way these particular positions require it to causes me discomfort, I think that it irritates my knee.

It's been a good training day, knee-trouble notwithstanding. I cycled both to and from work (a measly total of 7 km, but still), then exercised my arse off for an hour and ten minutes going through my whole body: the plank (Tabata intervals on the balance board), toe lifts, knee bends, biceps, triceps, the lot. I'm taking a day off training tomorrow to see how my knee likes it.


  1. Jag VILL OCKSÅ springa... Har ingen energi. Ska prata med min läkare och har fått tid för massa prover nu. Känns lite surt, men man ska ju lyssna på kroppen som du vet. Så idag blev det vila. Känns som om jag sväller upp till en ballong. Du kan vara lugn med ditt arse ;) Du ska se mitt haha!

    sv: (om det inte funkar med mail från bloggen)
    Åh jag är så lycklig - blir en Nikon D800. Känns nästan overkligt. Har varit många funderingar hit och dit och jag ville egentligen inte sälja min kamera, men måste få loss lite mer pengar. Nu blir det mycket bra snart!Funkar inte med de korten jag plåtar (bröllop) med min gamla. Blir inte som jag vill riktigt. Kameran räcker inte till.

  2. Ja tank de dagar som man kunde ploja kilometer efter kilometer utan att ens behova oroa sig for att fa ont! Nufortiden kan jag inte ens ga ut med hunden av oro for att fa ont... Det ar ju gelt sjukt. Det ar faktiskt som ett fangesle, precis som du skriver. Jag har aldrig tankt pa det pa det sattet forut!

  3. Katarina, hoppas att prover visar att allt är jag förstår att du vill veta VARFÖR du inte har nån energi!

    Lisa, har du provat barfotalöpning?