Saturday, 21 July 2012

Fun, fun, fun

Finally! Enjoying a run on more than an intellectual level. Or maybe enjoying it intellectually has helped me appreciate emotionally what this small triumph means. I tested running for 3 minutes instead of 2 and walking for one, and managed to run 5,6 km and 30 minutes this way. Getting past the 5 km mark last Thursday left me kind of indifferent, because I had other things to think about, but today, the progress I made had an impact. 

3 minutes is so much longer than 2. You can relax and enjoy the scenery without having to look at your watch all the time. You can move further, cover a greater distance. It feels more like a proper run, in other words. So far, my runs have been more about rehab and less about feel; today, the feel made a comeback. I ran by the lake and in the thick woods surrounding the horse track, looking for deer among the trees, listening to birdsong and the wind in the branches of the canopy over my head. Almost carefree. Almost. Because I was also listening to my body, see if the irritation from yesterday's cycle ride was getting worse.

It wasn't. The irritation is not in my knee. I don't know what this new thing is, but it doesn't seem to have to do with my runner's knee. So I ran on in my VFF, absorbing every little sensation, taking in the sunlight, having fun. More of the same, please!


  1. Those photos are lovely- it looks beautiful where you run. And glad the running is starting to come back to you again.

  2. Thanks! It is beautiful, at least in the summer :)

  3. Så härligt!
    Finns inget bättre än när löpningen flyter på och allt bara är vackert!
    Sommaren får gärna stanna..