Thursday, 11 August 2011

Ultra aftermath

Aftermath. Such a negative word. You picture desolation, destruction and death when you hear it. As in: ”The aftermath of a nuclear attack”. Not to mention that some people get an allergic reaction to the ”math” part of the word. Too many algebra associations.

But, lacking a better word, I'll get to the point: Saturday's ultra left me in great shape. My joints were kind of stiff (and – riddle me this - my arm hurt, at elbow height) but I was able to get back to running after just one day of rest. I ran commuted a couple of times and topped it with a 10 km run in the woods this morning. No problems. On the contrary, I found myself running faster than usual and not getting out of breath. 

Fall is in the air. I saw a girl wearing mittens yesterday, which I found kind of extreme, as the temperature was around 15 degrees. I resisted the urge to rub my hands together, even though it was chilly. I did, however, put on a vest and long tights for my run this morning. The woods were quiet and soaked from yesterday's heavy rain, and the air smelled of wet earth and mushrooms. As much as I am a summer person, I enjoyed the turn in the weather and the bitter sweet mood I seem to get in when it rains.

The summer is not over, of course. And it just might hold one last card.

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