Sunday, 28 August 2011

So much to do, so little time

Like a kid in a candy store with only one dollar/euro/currency of your choice in his pocket, I stand before a race-packed autumn, drooling at the endless possibilities and getting anxious because I don't know which one will give me most value for my money. And by money I mean time.

Take the 3rd of September, for example. There are three events that appeal to me:
  • Karlstad 6-hour ultra. A bit too far to travel, but wouldn't it be nice to have run an ultra race?
  • Kyrkloppet. A 5K in nearby Alingsås that seems really fun and charming. But only 5K. Maybe I should run home after the race. Joking. Maybe.
  • Long run with the group in Skatås. Always fun, and if I run home, a pretty decent 30K+.

The week after that offers an interesting marathon in Vänersborg (Skräcklanmarathon) and Risveden Terräng (a tough 17,7K). A marathon debut versus a cool terrain race. Both tempting, for different reasons. But, of course, if I run over 30K this Saturday, running a marathon next Saturday might be a challenge.

The rest of the autumn continues along those lines. Almost every weekend there are at least two races to choose from. Not having been able to run since last Tuesday, I have given my training priorities some thought and realised that, having missed Skövde, an ultra race is not on the top of my list of things to do this year any more. There are so many other fun things I could do. Run a marathon. Run more trails. Run ultras in training. Build up strength so that I can up the ante next year, and maybe dare to plan a big adventure in the mountains next summer.

What to do, what to do?


  1. Aaah ljuva I-landsproblem! ;) Hoppas du hittar det perfekta höstschemat för dig! Finalloppet i Skatås brukar vara en bra slutkläm! :D

  2. I love planning races- so much fun :)
    Whatever you do they all sound fab- I bet you will see some beautiful scenery.

  3. AKA: Ja! Det är ett jättestort problem! Och har du sett hur många olika sorters glass det finns att välja ifrån?! BESLUTSÅNGEST.

    Maria: Fun or torture? The jury is still out on that one ;)