Wednesday, 24 August 2011

My plans and my health have timing issues

Life happened when I was busy making other plans. I ran home from work last Monday, thinking about the Ultra Festival, having almost made the decision that I'd enter. And then I woke up Tuesday morning with a runny nose.

The runny nose then developed into a full-blown cold over the course of the day, which put a stop to any hopes and dreams that it was one of those 24-hour viruses and that I'd make it to the start on Saturday. I suppose it's still not 100% certain that I'll miss it – miracles do happen, or so they say – but it's quite unlikely, with only three days left.

I'm mostly ok with it. I do get a bit envious when I read how others are preparing for the race, but at the same time I hadn't invested in it completely, which softens the blow somewhat. There will be other races. Karlstad 6H next weekend perhaps?

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  1. Hoppas snuban gett sig och att du får en fin dag och helg! :)