Saturday, 13 August 2011

A relaxing day full of sunshine

I knew that summer wasn't over yet! Today's session was carried out on a warm, sunny day, through forest, busy streets and quiet neighbourhoods, together with 3 guys from the group. Variation, long hills and pleasant conversation made for a challenging, yet very enjoyable 1,5 hours.

I left my fellow runners after 12 km, because they were going to return to Skatås, whereas I would head home. The back side of my right thigh has been bothering me for more than a month now, especially after I didn't bother forgot to stretch a few times, and I didn't want to push it so soon after the ultra. Getting injured is not on my list of things to do this summer. So Saturday's long run was a short one, and I pampered my thigh when I got home by stretching properly. That helped.

Rest of the day will be spent preparing a nice dinner, sipping wine and listening to jazz. Tomorrow, I'm heading back to Skatås for a follow-up session on running technique with Markus Stålbom. Looking forward to it!

1 comment:

  1. Mmm vilken härlig dag vi fick!
    Ska bli spännande att höra hur teknikklassen var!