Thursday, 8 May 2014

My engine has stalled

I have been waking up feeling groggy all week. Going through each day with the enthusiasm of a sloth. Work has been demanding, both time- and intensity-wise, leaving me no energy to do other, more enjoyable things.

Weeks like these, it's easy to fall into a vicious circle. No energy to go running, but I usually get a huge chunk of my energy from running. So, no running=no energy to go running. And a non-running Shaman is a grumpy Shaman. Whatever you do, do not invite me to your party if I haven't logged enough kilometres that week (unless you're a goth, because then I'm the life of the party).

That is why I have to escape this downward spiral. Indoor track-training with SAIK is over for the season, but a friend from the club suggested we meet up at the outdoor track every Thursday and run intervals, each person doing their own thing but still within sight of each other. That way, we can alleviate our collective Thursday interval session withdrawal symptoms.

Here's to a tired body with a fresh mind.

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