Saturday, 13 October 2012


I took the plunge yesterday and did something that a few months ago I never thought I'd do. I signed up at the gym. Not only did I sign up, I did it right after my muscles had taken a serious beating at Body Combat. I'm starting to think I have masochistic tendencies. Although, it's not like I ever subject my body to tough physical challeng-- ooooh.

I used to train at the gym back in the days before running came into my life. No group training, mind you. Just lifting weights, but never really making any progress. I suppose I wasn't motivated enough to build bigger muscles but I did enjoy breaking a sweat. Then one day I went running and realised it was more my thing. I stopped going to the gym soon after that. 

For decorative purposes only.

Now, all these years later, I'm back. Having tried out the extremely fun Body Combat a few times, throwing jabs and hooks at imaginary opponents, getting out aggression I didn't even know I had and falling on my arse while trying to do a back kick, I decided that sitting around waiting for my body to heal every time I got injured wouldn't work for me. Mainly because I'd then be doing an awful lot of sitting. If I can't run, I need to be able to do something else. Because I need to keep moving.

I will be a runner for as long as I can, and I hope that what that means is for the rest of my life. This is why I need to have a more holistic approach to training. I need the yoga and the core training. I need the alternative training that will make me stronger, that will keep me from getting injured so often and keep me sane when I do get injured (because it's a mathematical certainty that it will happen again. I may love running but running does not love me back).

Although I'm still not sure how sane it is to book three sessions next week, all of which start at 06.45. I guess that the first step on the road to recovery from my masochistic tendencies is admitting I have them.

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