Monday, 29 October 2012

Can I pay someone to do this for me?

Looking for a job is a full-time job. Oh yeah. It's not enough to write your CV and a cover letter, and send it to different companies. No. You have to modify them according to each and every advertised job. No one cares that you worked at a bar 20 years ago between parties on an extended summer vacation on Ibiza, if the job you're seeking is in astrophysics. Likewise, no one cares that you know astrophysics if you're applying for a job as a bartender.

Luckily, I'm applying for neither. I am neither an astrophysicist or a bartender. But I did work as a waitress a few nights back when I was a student during the early 2000s. Should I include that in my CV?

I'm not sure if I'm procrastinating or not. Well, right now I definitely am, blogging instead of getting my CV and cover letter done. But am I procrastinating when I'm wandering around the Interwebs looking for a job when I'm supposed to be studying for my Sports Psychology test on Thursday (gaaaAAH)? Was I procrastinating this morning when I ran 10 km?

The answer to the latter is, of course, a resounding NO. Seeing as it was a very fast 10 km. If I had wanted to procrastinate, I would have slowed down. Although I did slow down a bit when I hit the north shore of the river, and the sun that had been hanging so low on the horizon that it was hidden behind the trees finally found its way to my body. It was heaven to feel that it was all falling into place: my body felt intact, the weather was beautiful and did I say my body was intact? I can't remember the last time I was able to run this fast consistently without breaking down. I think I haven't had an injury-free day in two years.


  1. Ojij vad jag känner igen mig! Det tar sån jäkla tid att söka jobb. Nya personliga brev till varje tjänst. Satt igår och skickade ut massa ansökningar, mitt i tenta-ångesten. Haha. Hoppas det går bra för dig:)

    1. Det är ett väldigt effektivt system om man har TVÅ tråkiga saker att göra: att skjuta upp den ena genom att göra den andra...sen byta. T ex dammsuga när man måste diska, eller söka jobb när man måste plugga ;)