Friday, 20 January 2012

Running around in circles

After a long train journey north, we finally arrived in J's hometown. It looked festive and Christmassy, all dressed in white. I couldn't wait to put on my running shoes and head out for a run. And so I did, that same afternoon. A short run later, having discovered new cycle paths and cozy residential areas, I was back and sported a clogged nose. Oh yeah. My cold is definitely back.

I didn't let that stop me this morning. I woke up with the thought of a long run by the frozen river, and drew a route on It looked simple enough on the computer screen. J tried to convince me to use Endomondo and Google maps, in case I got lost, but me? Get lost? Never. I just have to take a quick look at a map and I got it memorised for all eternity.

8 km later, finding myself in the middle of nowhere, I had to consult Google maps for the second time. Stupid Endomondo wouldn't let me look at the map for some reason, and a growl of frustration left my throat more than once. I was this close to throwing my phone in one of the snow heaps by the road.

Let me make this clear: I was most definitely NOT lost. But having got to a crossroads and seen that the street I was supposed to be following continued to my right, instead of in front of me, kind of threw me off. Later on I would realise that some mischievous troll had turned the road sign around so that it was pointing in the wrong direction.

A postman drove by looking at me jumping up and down on my phone. Then, a police van did the same, probably wondering what I was doing doing jumping jacks in the middle of a deserted industrial area. Unfortunately for me, who was looking at them pleadingly, neither one stopped to ask if I needed any help.

My irritation was replaced by elation as soon as I found the cycle path I had been looking for. The path was surrounded by spruces with limbs hanging low under the weight of the snow. It was magical. I now thought I knew where I was. Over the bridge and towards the river again, after a couple of wrong turns (well, I write wrong, but that's in the eye of the beholder. Right? I mean, for someone that wanted to run in precisely that direction, they would have been the right turns).

..and then I wouldn't have seen this.

Then I got confused yet again. I was exactly where I had planned to run when I drew my route, yet that long stretch of road towards the town centre was much longer than I had anticipated. I ran for days and nights, and still, the only thing I could see around me were trees and a few scattered houses. I started getting nervous. Would I have to eat my words and ring J, asking him to come and get me? Never! I pushed on, on packed snow, slipping a couple of times, staring longingly at the distant goal that I hoped was ahead of me.

Finally, one of the city's landmarks rose above the trees: the church tower! It was still a few kilometres away, but now I knew I wasn't half way to China. Soon, I was running past traffic lights and shoppers. With almost 21 km behind me, I was back where I started. I shook my feet to get rid of the excess snow and stepped through the door.

- Endomondo isn't working, said J. We haven't been able to keep track of where you ran.

That could only mean one thing. I would never have to admit to J that I got lost.


  1. Well look on the bright side- you got home and also saw some beautiful sights.

  2. Oh I'm not complaining :) It was lovely - except the part with the technology fail...

  3. Nej jag är aldrig vilse. Jag hittar bara nya vägar hem! Vissa lite längre... ;) Fredagsmys på sig!

  4. haha, jag har dock sprungit vilse :D

    Har lite ångest över min förkylning, men känner mig så peppad då jag läser dina inlägg. Well, du har ju mer träning (löpning) i grunden än vad jag har, men jag har missat alla pass hittills denna vecka. Antar att jag bara får släppa det och köra långpasset på söndag om jag är bättre. Eller en kortare runda och storsatsa nästa vecka?


  5. Ja, det är nog så man ska tänka; att om man undrar om man är frisk nog ska man vila.
    Jag tänkte ta ett lite kortare pass i morgon. Ligga runt milen. Värst nu är snuvan, så det borde funka. Satsar på nästa vecka istället.
    Kanske får korta ner veckopassen och satsa på helgens träning.