Sunday, 22 January 2012


Red cheeks, icicles on my eyelashes and frozen drops of sweat on my forehead. That was what my reflection in the bathroom mirror looked like when I got back from a 10km run in -10 degrees (-15 in the freezing headwind I was met with occasionally) and on unploughed, snow-covered cycle paths. The sky was a shade of pink, almost implying that there was, indeed, a sun hidden somewhere behind the thin layer of clouds. I get this. This is my thing. This is who I am, what I do.

Yesterday I switched my running shoes for a pair of skis, for the first Nordic skiing session of my life. It resulted in a few falls, one of which a spectacular somersault of America's funniest home videos proportions. I suspect I will never become a true Nordic skier. There's too much equipment to master, ski poles and skis that all get entangled whenever I try to move sideways, resulting in even more hilarious falls. No; I'm much more comfortable (and elegant) in my running shoes. But I'm willing to give skiing another try. Tomorrow. Falls notwithstanding, it was kind of fun.


  1. Skidor var läääänge sedan jag testade. Well done!
    Och jo, med bland annat dig i tankarna så sprang jag många km idag. Tänkte att kan du så kan jag. :) Tack för pepp och inspiration!

  2. Nej, så illa är det inte (lunginflammation).
    Jag är inte sämre än vad jag var innan. Värst är snuvan. Ska ta det lugnt i veckan. Inget snabbt tempo och tänkte köra inomhus lite faktiskt. ;)