Friday, 13 January 2012

Plans for the weekend

Number one priority this weekend will be to finish the book I'm currently reading, so that I can review it for Cannonball Read and then proceed to forget all about it. I'm so fed up with it. I wanted to expand my literary horizons, so I picked up a book about economy. To say that half the book went over my head would be an understatement; it was at least three quarters of it. The rest of it was interesting. No, really. Keep an eye out for the exciting review sometime this weekend. Not that I'm making any promises. I might, after all, fall asleep halfway through reading the charts on absolute decoupling.

Look at all those lovely books waiting for me.

All work and no play makes Shaman a very dull girl indeed. So I'm planning a little adventure as well, right before I dive into the boring, economy-textbook stuff. Last week Marcus from the group and I ran, pretty randomly, around western Gothenburg, on a day so beautiful (and cold) it made my heart (and my lungs) ache. We didn't run as far as the sea, though. Tomorrow, the sun is said to make a guest appearance again, the second of only four booked this winter here in Gothenburg, and there are still parts of the coast that I haven't explored. I've drawn a route that takes me to the seaside, along what looks like paths and through what looks like forests (or maybe it's just shrubbery), as well as through some more urban areas. Let's hope that this wind eases off.


  1. Jag är som sagt var inte så bra på att läsa längre :S
    Förutom böcker om ex. Mount Everest eller annat. Sånt gillar jag massor!

    sv: TACK fina du! Jag blir så glad. Det var oerhört tungt idag. Knäckande för psyket att se resultat också och även se att jag låg i 85% av max hela tiden. Det gick inte snabbare! Hemskt!
    Hoppas på bättre väder i morgon :D

    Jo, förresten - försöker förklara för min man vad pannben är. Hur säger man det på engelska? Mental strength är det närmaste vi kommer när jag försöker...

  2. Solen skiner! Det är lördag! Ut i solen med sig! Först stavar! Sedan spinning! Allt gott till dig idag!