Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Bye bye 2014

Ah. The last day of the year. The day when we look back at how miserably we have failed to do all those things we promised we would do for our New Year's resolutions. The day before we make new resolutions, and this time it will be different. Suuure it will. And I have some prime swampland in Florida to sell you.

I don't remember what my resolutions were. To stop getting injured maybe? Well, we all know how that went. A runner's knee that could have been prevented if -you guessed it – I had been a bit smarter about my training. But being smart about my training might mean training less, and then I would have missed out on some awesome stuff:

Broarna runt (around the bridges): a new 5K PR, albeit one that I fought for so hard that it made me wish that someone would trip me up and put me out of my misery already.

Kyrkstigen: An almost 40K long trail run, on a scorching-hot day in July. The surroundings were so beautiful they were almost worth the ensuing runner's knee.

Vasastafetten: The AIK trip down to Mora to relay-run the legendary Vasaloppet ski race track. I ran, injured, a short 4,5 km out of 90 km and did my bit for my team. We ended up taking 7th place. An amazing trip, with so much laughter and good times.

10000m track: One more PR, this time 10K in just under 45 minutes. I don't have a lot of time-related goals, but if I had had one, then this would have been like a dream come true.

Kraftjoggen: Still injured, I ran the short version of Kraftjoggen. 11 terrain kilometres that gave me a place on the podium, the first time I made it up there in a race without age categories. Unfortunately I didn't get to actually climb on the podium as they didn't have a podium. Holy anti-climax, Batman! I was so devastated, I didn't even blog about it. DEVASTATED I TELL YOU.

Last but not least, the highlight of my year, Rovön 6H: The unofficial 6 hour race some friends and I organised, which was a huge success, both as an event and on a personal level. More people showed up than we had dared hope for, and, by the looks of it, had fun setting their own personal records. It allowed me to set a new distance PR with 60 km. It went so well that we're organising it again next year, on the 6th of June. 

All in all, it was a pretty good year, annual injury notwithstanding. I am not making any New Year's resolutions for 2015. I will let my training go as it may, and if it goes well, I might enter some races. The most important thing for me is that running keeps being fun, and that it keeps letting me experience awesome stuff and see new places, alone and together with my wonderful club mates. That it keeps being the breathtaking adventure and loyal friend it has been.

For all of you reading this, may your 2015 be full of love, health and happiness.

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