Sunday, 4 January 2015

Liar, liar

I've been going around telling people all about how 2015 is going to be about taking it easy, seeing where my training takes me, having no specific races planned.


Because the truth is, I am a weak, weak person. Some running buddies have group pressured me into entering the High Coast Ultra. Thankfully, they have only managed to convince me to run the short, 75 km version. Just think if they had nagged me to enter the 129 km one.

I assure you, I had no intention of entering this race. You know how repulsive I find ultras! In the past, people have had to torture and/or blackmail me to run all 5 I've done. This time they forced me with promises of beautiful nature. So I went to the race's website to get some facts that would allow me to stand strong against the fantasies of undulating fields and breathtaking vistas.

There is a total elevation of some 2200-odd metres over the course of these 75 km. The elevation profile looks a lot like a cardiogram. And! You are practically self-supported. Well, there are two aid stations, the first one turning up after 30 km. But if it's a warm day, as it very well can be at the end of June, the one litre of water the race organisers demand that you carry with you is not going to last that far.

Thankfully, the race offers generous cutoff times. In case you need to start crawling at any point - and there is a good chance I will have to - you have 17 hours to do so.

So, in the face of these facts, what's a girl to do?

I was so nervous/excited I had to go for a run, despite the fact that today is a rest day. Am I even allowed rest days when I'm training for this?

I must be crazy, entering a 75 km ultra about a second after my knee got well enough to make it through 20. Nervousness and excitement take turns occupying my brain. I have never run this far, and definitely not on such demanding terrain. How should I train for it? Will I make it? Will I get injured and have to drop out? Or will it be a wonderful experience?

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