Saturday, 13 September 2014

Soul for sale, CHEAP

Anyone with contacts down in the fiery pits of hell that can tell me if the Devil would be interested in purchasing my soul in exchange for a pair of working knees?

Two months of runner's knee. Two months of trying to make a comeback and thinking I have succeeded, only to fly too close to the sun and fall down face first onto square one again with my wings in tatters. It's getting tiresome, this cloud of despair hanging over my head waiting to release a thunderstorm on me.

Trying to think about all that is positive helps. For example, last time I had runner's knee I couldn't even walk, yet this time I've been logging 8-10km almost every day. I can run a little bit, even if I have to take walking breaks. It doesn't hurt after I've gone for a run, although the knee can get a bit stiff.

And then I read articles on the Internet about osteoarthritis and I convince myself it's what I have and I see my knees slowly succumbing to it, disintegrating bit by bit until I can't even stand without them shattering and oh my God that means running is out of the question and my life is over because life without running is like an eternal darkness FROM WHICH I CAN NEVER ESCAPE.


Hyperbole aside: I do have concerns. My knees are my Achilles' heel, always have been. I can't remember ever running without knee niggles (also known as ”kneegles”. Haha. I'll let myself out, shall I?) The older I get, the more of a concern they become. I suppose that the more I run, the more I wear them down. Their expiration date is nigh. And boy was this a short running career if that's the case.

I am seeing a chiropractor later today who has a different theory about the root of my problem. I hope his theory is the right one and that he just needs (kneeds? Ok, I'll stop now) to pop that joint back into place. It has to be the right one. I'm starting to fantasize about tripping all those happy runners jogging past me and that's never a good sign.

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