Friday, 26 September 2014

Alternative training

I am notoriously difficult to get out the door to exercise when said exercise doesn't involve running. Don't get me wrong. I love it once I'm out there, I love getting tired, but I need a lot of coercion to get going. Walks? Meh. Bike rides? If I have nothing better to do. Climbing? If you promise me chocolate afterwards.

So this long injury period combined with my reluctance to move my arse and my continuing to eat as if I still log 60 kilometres' worth of running per week has led to the acquisition of some extra cushioning around the waist. Realising that if my current lifestyle remains unchanged I might have to switch sports to sumo wrestling and it's something that I REALLY cannot see myself doing, I forced myself to get out the door this morning.

After an hour long walk, I went to the gym.

Not only did I go to the gym, I even did some exercises there.

Granted, some exercises were easier than others. Leg exercises, for instance, were no problem. My leg muscles have not yet deteriorated into jello.

Then I tried doing some shoulder and arm exercises. Pretty soon I formed a theory that I needed to build up my strength in those muscles considerably, when I found lifting the pin you put in the weights to keep them in place was hard. My suspicions were confirmed when I tried the Skierg machine (a machine that allows you to train your cross-country skiing muscles) and could only ”ski” for two minutes before collapsing in a heap on the floor.

Next time I'm shooting for the stars and aiming to ski for 2,5 minutes!


  1. Maybe you´ll need to do some more alternative training to stay away from injuries?
    Take care and get well!

    1. My plan is to continue training at the gym, at least as long as I think it's fun :) I'd love to do some yoga but unfortunately there are no classes in my area that fit my you know of any good youtube videos you would recommend?

  2. Have you tried
    Some peple like that.
    or just google the kind of yoga you want to do. :-)
    There are tons on internet. :-O