Thursday, 7 July 2011


Last run home from work before I go on holiday, and it turned into a spontaneous fartlek session. Lots of things were going through my head, all to do with work and everything that has to be in order before I can finish this chapter in my life and begin the next one. Last day at work tomorrow. Uncertainty about the future and what it may hold. Needless to say, a stressful time. What better way to get rid of some negative feelings than to take them out on the tarmac?

On Saturday we're leaving for Northern Sweden, first to visit J's family and then, after a couple of days, to continue towards the Norwegian borders and the mountains. There I will run a short part of Kungsleden. I am looking forward to this adventure so much. I had to postpone it while we were there last year because I got sick, but -fingers crossed- this year I'll make up for it. Trail running at its best: past reindeer, ice cold creeks and in the shadow of snow covered, timeless giants.

After that, J will be returning home and I'll be going on the second leg of my holiday. In the warmth, by the sea, with family and friends. A different experience. A much needed experience. There will be running there too, of course. Early in the morning, before the sun has turned the ground into burning coal, through golden fields of hay and with the scent of pine trees accompanying me.

I'll be popping in to keep you updated, but forgive me if it's not as often as it has been. I have some holidaying to do.

PS A BIG THANK YOU to the anonymous reader who donated 2000 crowns (about 200 Euro) to my charity collection for cancer research. You are simply amazing!

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  1. Wow your holiday sounds like it (or they) is going to be amazing. Enjoy :)